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On January 8, 2010, a masked gunman burst into the bedroom of 25 year-old Darien Richardson and opened fire. Darien was shot in the hand and in the thigh. Her boyfriend was shot in the arm.
Both were treated at a local hospital and expected to make a full recovery. About two months later, while in Florida on vacation, Darien Richardson died as a result of a blood clot that formed in an artery as a direct result of the gunshot wound.

While in the hospital and fighting to recover from her attack, Darien commented on the lack of resources for people who were affected by violent crimes.  Remembering Darien was formed by Darien’s friends and family to combat this societal shortcoming.

Victims of a violent crime are often unable to work, making it impossible to pay rent, student loans or even afford basic necessaries such as groceries.  Remembering Darien raises money to help ease these financial and emotional burdens.

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